Special Rules Edit

Special rules to keep in mind when getting started. Keep in mind, as much as these may seem to restrict your character creation, it will make for a much more unique experience and will grant greater amounts of choice and discovery later on in the game. Not to mention a much easier integration of a new character into the group, if a player character would come to die (this can happen) and the player has to make a new character:

  • Everyone plays an Ahketti (tiefling race) from the same region/province: Ahketun.
  • You will all be called to Ptha'Ahket, for your rite of passage, the becoming of an 'adult', swearing yourself into service of house Fayathi.

Ahketti race details: yadda yadda

Ability Scores: +2 & +1 to a stat of your choice. Speed: 30 feet. Features & traits: Darkvision & Hellish Resistance.

No racial spells, due to low magic setting.

  • Magic is rare. In Ptha'Ahket it's more common, to find those magically gifted then in other regions and towns. This seems to be bound to the nearby "Star wept field's" (meteor craters) influence, along which the town is built.

Wizards class in unavailable due to both the lack of magic as the lack of recorded history in the world.

  • Player characters are all born in circumstances that have appointed them in service to one of the great houses of Ptha'Ahket. You can consider this house to be your clan.

This house if the house of (...)

  • As we start off the game for the first time, to create a common goal, all of the player characters will be either adolescents or must have another reason to partake in a coming of age "rite of passage".
  • About official expansions on the DnD handbooks like new spells and sub-classes, these are most welcome to be used. (November 2017 a new expansion releases with both new spells and sub-classes) Sub classes only apply starting at character level three, so this shouldn't be a problem. For spells, provide me (your DM) with proof that they are in any of the official rulebooks and I'll be happy to let you use them.